Malaysia gets into skills training with Augmented Reality

March 15, 2017

Around 100 Malaysian students from College Vocational Batu Pahat have experienced an immersion into the world of skills training with Augmented Reality.

Concretely, trainees and their six instructors have tried and played with the first edtech solution to train welding skills Soldamatic Augmented Training.

This initiative is framed within Malaysias’ goals for the next few years, among which are those of getting qualified workforce for industrial sectors in an efficient way and modernising vocational education through technology.

For edtech experts, Augmented Reality is among the most popular trends to be implemented in educational centres in 2017 and therefore  it would be able to enhance skills education in the area.

That is the reason why Soldamatic is performing a roadshow all over the country, showing up in vocational centres and colleges by Malaysian welding company Weldmart.