Weld and Cut 2017 Dusseldorf hints at the development of welding training

November 29, 2017

New German GSI (International Society for Welding Technology) CEO spoke in the ‘’Schweißen und Schneiden‘’ (Weld and Cut) 2017 fair about innovations in welding training: ‘’It is useful to train students and give them the skills needed to perform real and professional welding jobs. Welding 4.0 helps us considerably before hiring a welder, or to determine the welder’s skills and correct basic mistakes immediately.

With more than 1.000 exhibitors and more than 50.000 visitors this was a perfect spot to show how the AR welding training solution can help in the development of new welders.

In a fair with important industrial companies such as Abicor Binzel or Teka, the Soldamatic welding simulator showed the advantages that it can bring to the industry, not only in terms of training but also during the hiring process.