Join us for a live webinar on “How Augmented Reality is helping to overcome the challenges of welding training”.
April 20, 2020

Tuesday, 5th May 2020 @ 15:00pm (GMT+2)

In this exclusive live webinar we will cover the ways new technologies like #AR are solving the problems around welding training. The lack of skilled welders is a fact in several industries, many companies can’t find the trade professionals they require, and this shortage is expected to keep growing.

The trade has been stagnant for too long, it is time for new technologies to provide solutions and enhance traditional welding training. This is where Augmented Reality shines, bringing in the next step by improving efficiency and reducing costs while training better welders in less time.

In this session you will learn how to:

-Reduce lab costs by 68%
-Reduce the learning time 56%
Certify 34% more welders than with the traditional methodology

The session will feature success stories of companies already applying
#AR in their welding training programs.
Don’t miss this opportunity and
join us to discover Welding Training 4.0


Antonio Fernández
Seabery Regional Manager