Exeter College opens the largest Augmented Lab for professional welding training with Augmented Reality

Augmented Lab UK
September 13, 2017

Exeter College, has recently opened the largest Augmented Lab for welding training -Augmented Lab plus Real workshop- in United Kingdom. This Augmented Reality (AR) project was part of a major expansion of the current engineering workshop facilities and was completed just for the start of the Autumn Term.

This pathway hub consists of 12 Soldamatic Augmented Training systems plus a teacher’s central server and will become the South West ‘Centre of Excellence’ for AR technology and will attract huge numbers of students from across the region.

The head of Faculty, Engineering Aerospace and Automotive, Andy Wells, and the industrial company Flamefast have made this possible, together with Seabery.

VET centres in Vietnam get also into AR

More than 6,000 miles away, in Vietnam the Lilama 2 technical & technology college has also set up an Augmented Lab with the collaboration of Phuc Minh Solution and Trading Company.

This lab consists of 6 Soldamatic Augmented Training units that will help to increase the professional welding workforce of Vietnam and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region for which Vietnam is one of the main workforce sources.

These are two more examples of how vocational training and education is changing around the world using technologies like Augmented Reality to train and qualify skilled professionals to work in the industrial sector worldwide.

Soldamatic is the first turn-key welding training solution powered with AR and the only one in the market so far. Together with the Augmented Training methodology, it reduces costs while increasing the training efficiency of a welding program. It enhances the learning process of students so they are skilled enough before going to the real workshop.