Sweden takes a close look at the impact of Augmented Reality in the future of welding training at SLM

January 31, 2018

Sweden is committed to embrace new technologies in the educational field and to introduce Augmented Reality (AR) in the welding training programs around the country. For that purpose, the Svets Kommissionen organized SLM (Svetslärarmötet) in Stockholm, Sweden 11-12 January.

The event offered seminars and demonstrations of different welding equipment and provided a look at the future of welding training. It was also a great opportunity for teachers to get a first-hand view and experience different VR and AR edtech solutions that will definitely change traditional learning methodologies.

The Svets Kommissionen played a key role in this event and is willing to bring the next step in the educational field to Sweden. The Swedish Welding Commission acts as a coordinator for research projects and it is responsible for welding standardization, so that the qualification of welders and quality requirements for welding are among its responsibilities.

Seabery shares this values with the Svets Kommissionen. In fact, Seabery’s AR technology keeps enhancing the future of training and is willing to bring it to Sweden, as it has already done it in more than 45 different countries, like Chile, South Africa and Germany.