India, Estonia and Portugal amazed by Soldamatic Augmented Training

November 30, 2016

Soldamatic Augmented Training continues showing up and amazing people in many different countries thanks to our worldwide network of committed partners. Therefore, Impart Technologies  agreed with German GSI to introduce Soldamatic Augmented Training in its booth at First India International Skill Development and Summit  held in New Delhi. India knows that the future of the country is the skill training of youth and Soldamatic can help in the training professional welders.

Furthermore, GSI SLV Baltikum in Tallinn (Estonia) is training their welding students in a safe, efficient and sustainable way with Soldamatic Augmented Training, the first turn-key welding training solution powered with Augmented reality.

Finally, Soldamatic has shown up successfully for four days in the EMAF, Feira Internacional Máquinas, Equipamentos e Serviços para Indústria  in Portugal (main photo).

Hundreds of attendees from Portuguese universities, training centres, manufacturers visited the MWS Group  booth and tried the experience of augmented reality welding with Soldamatic Augmented Training.