Belarusian welders will be trained with Seabery’s Spanish technology.

October 15, 2021

The new training centre in Belgazstroy chooses Soldamatic simulators.

The Minister of Energy attended the opening of the new training center in Minsk.

The Minister of Energy of Belarus, Viktor Karankevich, has inaugurated a new Technical and Engineering Centre for Welding Training. The event, held in Minsk, was also attended by Alexei Kushnarenko, general director of Beltopgaz, the national association of fuel production and gasification.

The new facilities are part of a project in which Belgazstroy (a holding of companies in the sector) and the government itself are involved, which aims to strengthen the oil & gas industry and provide it with professional welders capable of meeting such a high and specialized demand.

The center will have the capacity to train almost a thousand welders a year, from the youngest to the most experienced, who will be able to continue completing their skills using cutting-edge technology. As a result of negotiations with the National Welding Control Agency of the neighboring country, the project promoters will seek to certify specialists who will also be able to work in the Russian market.

An important training task for which they have relied on the technology of Seabery, a Spanish company (Huelva) that leads the world market in welding simulators with Soldamatic, a solution based on augmented reality that has already been successfully implemented in more than eighty countries. Specifically, a complete laboratory has been installed with five pieces of equipment connected to each other, with an effective and extensive e-learning program; adapted in this case to the Russian language, one of the 27 languages available in the system.

Soldamatic was presented to the market more than a decade ago as the most effective tool in simulation applied to welding training, achieving the milestone of having managed to digitize a profession and adding value to an industry with a high demand for qualified personnel.

In addition to its registered and unique technology, HyperReal-Sim, there are several performance indicators that lead companies and educational centres to choose Soldamatic as the optimal tool for training welders, including a 34% increase in the number of certified students, thanks to a 56% reduction in learning time. Another important reason has to do with the savings in consumables and the reduction of risks, which have been reduced by 68% and 84% respectively (source: real study in an external laboratory).

Thanks to Soldamatic and its application for robot programming (Robotics line), Seabery has managed to lead a wide market that goes beyond the educational one, consolidating its position in industries such as the naval, automotive, construction or railway sector; working for multinationals such as Siemens, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, John Deere or Alstom.

Belarus is the last destination in a long list that has not stopped growing as the Andalusian company has been expanding its commercial and technical network, with more than a hundred workers and an optimistic projection for the future.


Picture: Belta