Siemens chooses Augmented Reality to modernize its training programs

Siemens chooses Augmented Reality welding training system Soldamatic
February 21, 2017

Siemens in Nuremberg (Germany) is transforming the way their students learn: contents and practices are becoming more and more digital. Concretely, they are using augmented reality to help trainees learn extremely difficult tasks, before they go with the real deal.

The multinational has chosen Soldamatic Augmented Training to train future welders in a more safe and efficient way.

Tv channel SAT 1 broadcasted a report on this Augmented Reality training system and its influence on the learning process. Students and trainers speak about the advantages in terms of safety, time and money savings.

They also say that the augmented reality welding training solution is very helpful and makes learning very easy.

One of the students, Anna Rehder, highlights the fact that the system shows help icons on the screen. She admits that “with the help arrows you get a feeling about how you should be holding the welding torch”.

“We can practice welding much faster and much more often, and consequently we can guarantee a much better continuity of the learning process”, the welding trainer Steffen Lechner says.

For another student of the dual training programme, Max Mueller, augmented reality is a fantastic tool: “Once I make a mistake, I can immediately correct it, it is a great way of learning”, he states.

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