Seabery considered one of the 20 most disruptive companies

Augmented Reality markers
March 2, 2017

Seabery has been designed as one of the 20 most innovative disruptive companies by a research conducted by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, the EOI and the Opinno Advisory company.

This study, titled Sectores de la nueva economía 20+20 (Sectors of the new economy 20 + 20) deals with the disruption level in Spain and its particularities to boost the evolution of the business network, through the analysis of the business model of 20 Spanish start-ups that can inspire a change in the production model.

Innovative disruption is based on quick and big innovation changes in pre-existing business models or in the urgency of new thriving firms that deeply affect the markets.

In the case of Seabery, this disruption happens within the education context, concretely in the vocational training of skills using Augmented Reality technologies and edtech solutions like Soldamatic Augmented Training.

These technologies enable training centres and companies to train qualified professionals more safely, in less time, and with lower investments.

BQ, Cabify, Glamping Hub, AC-Gen Reading Life, Reimagine Food, GMV, Irisbon, Bluemove, Alise Devices, Umanick, 24symbols, Airelectronics, peerTransfer, Quobis and Parclick are some of the inspiring companies included in this research.