Saarstahl AG opts for Augmented Reality welding to train future members of its staff

Augmented reality welding. Saarstahl Soldamatic
April 12, 2017

Saarstahl AG, one of the most significant manufacturers of long products in the world, has chosen Augmented Reality welding to train future members of its staff.

For that purpose, industrial mechanics trainees in its academy learn to weld with Soldamatic Augmented Training, the first welding training solution powered with AR, as shown in the video.

When it comes to training, Saarstahl AG is one of the most important companies in Saarland. This video gives exciting insights into a training day at Saarstahl. The company offered interested pupils, and of course their parents and friends, the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and see what training opportunities exist in the company.

Speaking about Augmented Reality welding, one of the trainees, Tessa Marie Hilm, who is studying materials testing explains that “welding is done electronically with fewer associated risks. That way, you become more familiar with it as a beginner, and easily improve your skills for the actual welding”.