Professional welders from 25 countries tested Soldamatic in Beijing’s Arc Cup 2016

June 30, 2016

A number of professional welders from 25 countries tried Augmented Reality welding with Soldamatic during Arc Cup 2016 held in Beijing (China) 18th to 23rd June. They were participating in the International Welding Competition organized by the Asian Welding Federation and the International Institute for Welding. 

Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, India, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Japan, Brazil, Ghana or South Africa were some of the countries that took part in the traditional welding contest.

Soldamatic Augmented Training showed up for the first time in China and catched the attention of teachers, welders and referees, who had the opportunity to test their skills with the simulator and also to know more about their benefits in terms of safety and sustainability.