The latest Welding training powered with AR gets to Germany, Australia, Korea and Norway

July 26, 2019

The future of Welding Training goes through the latest technology trends and developments. Augmented Reality is leading the revolution in this field, and its technology and methodologies keep going around the world to be showed. In the last month, it has been presented in Germany, Australia, Korea and Norway.

In Melbourne, Australia the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics explored new challenges in vocational and professional education and training arising from advances in technologies and automation and the impact on work, societies and people who may be displaced due to changing economic and global circumstances.

The event was hosted by Australian TAFEs, it brought over 800 delegates from colleges and polytechnics and experts in vocational education and training. The presentation “New technology transforming welding training” by Weld Australia CEO Geoff Crittenden showed how the Augmented Reality powered simulator Soldamatic Augmented Training is already changing the field in Australia.

Regarding Germany, Hamburg held the Augmented Training & Solutions Congress, organized by WeldPlus and Seabery. It counted on different speakers from both industry and vocational education, who exposed the current state of Education 4.0 and how technologies like Augmented Reality are taking us closer to the future. You can take a look at the event in the next video

Soldamatic and the Augmented Training Methodology was also presented in both Korea and Norway. The Korea Welding Show counted with the presence of the first AR powered simulator in the world thanks to GNG and POSTECH. The Oslo Motor Show showed how the training solution can be applied not only to vocational training, but also in different industries like automotive.