Malaysian trainers and students try Augmented Reality welding

Augmented Reality Welding
October 4, 2017

Malaysian welding trainers and students have got to know and tried Augmented Reality welding in a demonstration held at Alor Setar Vocational College .

Both instructors and trainees had the chance to try the simulator and learn about how it works and how it helps students in getting the closest experience to actual welding, so they can acquire the skills required before going to the workshop.

Besides, welding trainers have learnt how to train welders using new technologies like Augmented Reality and the Augmented Training methodology, especially designed to save time and costs and to provide personalized learning.

16-18 years old Malaysian vocational school students have enjoyed themselves trying the Augmented Reality welding training solution Soldamatic Augmented Training.

Vocational Colleges in Malaysia offer students the chance to become professional and semi-professional workers in both engineering and non-engineering fields. They try to balance theoretical and practical lessons and show students the different career paths they can take.

Soldamatic  is the first turn-key welding training solution powered with AR and the only one in the market so far. Together with the Augmented Training methodology, it reduces costs while increasing the training efficiency of a welding program. It enhances the learning process of students making it more attractive and motivating.