Korean welding instructors learn how to train welders with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality welding in Korea.
August 9, 2017

Korea is more than committed to embrace new technologies in the educational field and to introduce Augmented Reality (AR) in the welding training programs around the country, as part of the digitalization process.

For that reason, from July 31 to August 4th, 2017 the Wonju Campus of Korea Polytechnics has held the course ‘Welding Training with Augmented Reality Technology, SOLDAMATIC’.

GNG Korea provided this training program that is officially designed to improve the teaching capabilities of professors at Korea Polytechnics, that is, training the trainers for digitalization, and more than 15 professors from various campuses have attended.

Other countries are also searching for solutions to modernize education and skills training in order to have future qualified local workforce. In fact, a recent survey has revealed that 81% of Colombian instructors prefer Augmented Reality rather than Virtual one to improve welding training.

Soldamatic is the first turn-key welding training solution powered with AR and the only one in the market so far. Together with the Augmented Training methodology, it reduces costs while increasing the training efficiency of a welding program. It enhances the learning process of students so they are skilled enough before going to the real workshop.

Soldamatic Augmented Reality classroom in Korea.