Korea High School students get to know the future of Welding Training

September 12, 2018

Korea Polytechnic Dasom High School organized a 2018 career learning experience at the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KIITs) in Wonju, Gangwon Province.

The event was hosted by KIITs and Postech, and its objective was to show future trainees how vocational training is currently being enhanced by the latest technologies and methodologies. The students had the chance to try the first welding training solution powered with Augmented Reality.

This technology allows newcomers to experience welding without the risks involved, and also applies the concept of gamification to vocational training. This creates a more attractive and fun experience for young learners.

The students from the Polytechnic Dasom High School were impressed by this new methodology, and were able to watch how skills training is evolving, changing the traditional methods and creating new ways to get to young people.

The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology is committed to the future of welding and counts with its own “Augmented Reality Welding Centre”, powered with 8 Soldamatic Augmented Training. This training facility is currently open for educational programs for industrial companies, organizations, teachers and students. Just like Korea, more countries are applying AR to industrial training, you can read more about the case of Australia here.