First Advanced Welder Training Centre ready to open in Australia.

Advanced Welding Training Centre Australia
July 11, 2018

The first Advanced Welder Training Centre is ready to open at the Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council (TMEC) Centre of Excellence in South Burnie, it will count on the latest technologies on welding training.

This new Centre is possible thanks to the collaboration between two institutions that are willing to bring the next step in skills training to the country: Weld Australia and the Australian government.

Geoff Crittenden (CEO Weld Australia) notices the advantages of applying the latest edtech solutions to enhance welding training: “The combination of a curriculum based on global best practice delivered via advanced training technology will help ensure a strong supply of capable welders, both now and well into the future.”

“Without a doubt, the successful implementation of this innovative training initiative will revolutionise welder training in Australia. It will raise the standard of welder education in Australia exponentially, putting our welder training on par with the best in Europe and America”

On his part, Simon Birmingham (Australian Minister for Education and Training) focuses on the development this centre will bring to the country: “We’re backing local business, local apprentices and TAFE educators with specialised world-class training. High quality skills means local businesses will have job-ready apprentices so they can grow and take advantage of the opportunities of Tasmania’s stronger economy and reputation as a world-leader in supporting the defence, maritime and advanced manufacturing sectors.”

“These new welding simulators and training opportunities will help make North West Tasmania a skills hub. They will give local businesses the workers with the right skills and training to do the job.”

With the opening of this centre, more than 250 local business will be able to upskill the existing welders and train better skilled welders in less time while reducing costs. In the following video Geoff Crittenden (CEO Weld Australia) explains how they are committed to the enhancement of welding training using AR powered simulators