Colombian welding instructors get a first hand look at training with Augmented Reality

February 21, 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) training has been introduced to Colombian welding instructors in an educational event held at the National Education Service (SENA) facilities in Bogotá.
Around 20 instructors had a chance to understand how this cutting-edge technology can enhance skills training of professional welders and help teachers to provide individualized teaching.

The event was designed to improve the teaching capabilities of welding instructors and their adaptation to new technologies to modernise welding training in Colombia. It was a ‘training the trainers’ workshop, so that they can make the most of the AR and Augmented Training methodology and technology designed by Seabery.

The instructors tested the Soldamatic Augmented Training all-in-one solution (which includes a Teacher Software and a Learning Management System) and see how they can make the teaching-learning process more attractive, while reducing costs, emissions and risks at the same time.

SENA offers training programs in different fields such as skills training. It is committed to embrace technological development to improve productivity and competitiveness in Colombia.

In 2017, SENA held a workshop titled ‘Simulation in Welding Training’ in which students and welding instructors were able to try different edtech solutions to improve welding training and make it more attractive.