Japanese edition of US magazine EEtimes echoes the advantages of Soldamatic after showing up in IVR 2016
Japanese digital edition of US magazine Electronic Engineering times (EEtimes)  has echoed the advantages of Soldamatic Augmented Training after the Augmented Reality welding simulator showed up in IVR 2016 on the 22-24 June. EEtimes highlights that this welding training ...
July 8th, 2016
Professional welders from 25 countries tested Soldamatic in Beijing’s Arc Cup 2016
A number of professional welders from 25 countries tried Augmented Reality welding with Soldamatic during Arc Cup 2016 held in Beijing (China) 18th to 23rd June. They were participating in the International Welding Competition organized by the Asian Welding Federation and ...
June 30th, 2016
Soldamatic appears in the USA media as a good example of using technologies beyond gaming
Soldamatic Augmented Training has been one of the most tried technologies in past Augmented World Expo held in Santa Clara, California (USA).  It attracted the attention of experts, visitors and media. In fact, this video from CCTV America shows Seabery’s ...
June 27th, 2016