Augmented Training showcases in Didacta 2017 as a successful edtech AR solution

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February 2, 2017

February 14 to 18 We are showcasing the Augmented Training edtech methodology and the welding trainig solution Soldamatic in Didacta 2017 (Stuttgart), the biggest Trade Fair for Education and Training in Germany.

Augmented Training and Soldamatic will show up as an application of Augmented Reality that has proved successful  for the efficient and sustainable training of professional welders, among over 900 exhibitors.

Didacta also brings together high-ranking representatives from politics, business, science and society come to didacta in order to find ways for the education and training of the future and to exchange information and ideas.

You can download here the details of our booth at Didacta 2017 and also a map of Hall 6 where we are exhibiting.

Come on and visit us to learn more about Augmented Training!