Augmented Reality welding training gets to Malaysian instructors

April 11, 2018

The next step in vocational and welding training has been showed to around 20 Malaysian welding instructors at the IKM Lumut facilities. The event was designed to show teachers the potential of the AR powered solution and how they can use it to enhance the students’ learning process.

The event served as a way to ‘train the teachers’, so they can make the most of the AR welding simulation in their classes and workshops. The possibility of reducing costs and risks while training welders with better skills were the advantages that instructors valued the most. The Augmented Reality welding training solution was appreciated as a motivating and attractive tool for students and a way to improve efficiency.

However, the simulator itself is just a part of the Augmented Training methodology for welding training, so that, teachers were also introduced to the Teacher Software. This software allows them to manage more students and more courses in less time, making it easier for them to develop their skills and evaluate their development. It has an Analysis Module that make student’s practices always available for teachers (video), giving them the chance to provide them feedback and more individualized training.

Training the trainers in the use of edtech solutions is essential to the successful implementation of new technologies in education.

The next step in vocational training is here and Malaysia is one of the countries committed to taking it, like Colombia, Sweden or South Africa.