Augmented Reality welding hits the 2017 Tokyo 3D&Virtual Reality Expo

Augmented Reality welding
June 28, 2017

Asahi Electronics has been at the Tokyo 3D&Virtual Reality (IVR) Expo introducing the potential of Augmented Reality welding to help Japanese government and industry attract and qualify locally the workforce demanded for the next years, with global scale impact projects like the next Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020.

For, Yoshikatsu Iseki, expert welder at Asahi Kokusai Techneion Co, LTD:  “Soldamatic Augmented Training is the most amazingly easy, effective, and ‘enjoyable’ training system that I ever had. Not just for beginners, welding experts like me can check their welding skills by an objective analysis”.

3D & Virtual Reality Expo (IVR) is Japan’s largest exhibition. It attracts a significant number of users from manufacturing industries, amusement industries, broadcasting stations, image producing companies, content production companies, telecommunication companies, public offices, universities and research centres, who are looking to buy solutions for their businesses.